My work has evolved from a long study, beginning with figures, solid mass, constructivism, abstraction, and is, at this point in development a valid approach to modern social-technical aesthetics. It sometimes contains an imagery that is strongly figurative though its' conception was stimulated by an automated environment.  At other times it is image-less.


I have been lucky to have good teachers, mentors, and friends, most of whom I met through the arts. 

I studied under Gerry DiGiusto at Cortland. After Cortland I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. Then I went to New Paltz to study sculpture and eventually Albany for a master’s degree in information science.

During the past 40 years, most of my work has been sculpture and installations. Recently I have been spending more time on painting and drawing. 

My work has been called metaphysical, grassroots, introspective, mystical, and religious. 

I once installed 100 empty lawn chairs at the Empire State Plaza in Albany on Veteran’s Day as a work of love. Lest We Forget.

For any success I have made in my creative ventures, I need to thank my family and friends for their support.

As we said in the Hippie Days:

“Art, it don't hurt.”