"Brooklyn Bridge Monitor"
 Monitor:    (1)A person who advises, warns, or cautions;  (2)In some schools, student chosen to help keep order, record attendance, etc.;  (3) Any of several very large, flesh-eating lizards of Africa, S. Asia, and Australia: from the  notion that they warn of the presence of crocodiles;  (4) Formerly an armored warship, or ironclad, with a low freeboard, low flat deck, and  heavy guns fitted in one or more revolving turrets;  (5) An instrument for measuring radioactive contamination by means of the ionizing  radiation to be emitted;  (6) Radio & TV: a receiver or speaker, as in the control room of a broadcasting studio, for  checking the quality of transmission.    We are monitored and we monitor from the time of our birth until death and possibly  beyond. Life is a constant fluctuation from one condition to the other. We cannot escape  this predicament. It has always been with us. Look up.      - D. Connors    
" Rough Face Monitor"
"Blueface Monitor"
"Goldface Monitor"
D.C. Thinking about picture tubes
" 2 Small Monitors and Chair"
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